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Your child won’t keep his or her first teeth forever, but that doesn’t mean those tiny pearly whites don’t need conscientious care. Maintaining your child’s dental health now will provide health benefits well into adulthood, as primary (baby) teeth serve some extremely important functions.

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    Little Kids Dentistry is a full scope pediatric dental clinic that provides comprehensive dental care to children of all ages. We address both preventive and therapeutic concerns of our patients until the age of 21. We also recommend that you schedule your child’s 1st visit as soon as the teeth begin to erupt.

    Tooth Cleaning

    Dental Cleaning For Kids

    Professional Teeth Cleaning (Prophylaxis) by pediatric dentist will improve the quality of your child's teeth and prevent the development of cavities and other diseases.

    Pediatric Dental Fillings

    If a kid has a cavity in a baby tooth, it means that oral bacteria cause decay. To stop the process of decay, the dentist removes the infected area and the hole will then be sealed with filling material.

    NU-Smile Crown

    In addition to conventional plastic or mental crowns that are covered by most dental insurances, here at Little Kids Dentistry we also offer highly esthetic extremely durable Nu-Smile crowns made of zirconia ceramic. They give children healthy and natural smiles and are affordably priced.

    Care of the Primary Teeth

    Pediatric Services

    For one thing, primary teeth serve as guides for the eruption of permanent (adult) teeth, holding the space into which these new teeth will erupt. The crowns (tops) of the permanent teeth actually push against the roots of the baby teeth, causing them to resorb, or melt away. In this way, the adult teeth can take their proper place.

    What’s more, your child’s primary teeth will be there for most of childhood, helping your child to bite, chew and speak. For the first six or so years, he or she will be relying on primary teeth exclusively to perform these important functions. Until around age 12, your child will have a mix of primary and permanent teeth. You will want to make sure those teeth stay healthy and are lost naturally — when it’s time.

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child see a dentist by his/her first birthday. Though this may sound early, learning proper pediatric oral hygiene techniques, checking for cavities, and watching for developmental problems is extremely important.

    There are a number of forms of tooth decay that can affect babies and small children. Early Childhood Caries (tooth decay) can develop rapidly, progressing from the hard, outer enamel layer of a tooth into the softer, inner dentin in six months or less.

    Most of all, it’s important for your child to have a positive experience at the dental office as he/she will be a regular visitor for years to come.

    Pediatric Dental Services


    Here’s what our patients have to say about us.

    We took our kids for the first time a few days ago, we had a very nice experience, all the people were kind to us, friendly and The nurse made my girls felt super comfortable which I really appreciate, doctor was also very informative, my daughters didn't have cavities and they gave them a certificate which was so nice of them! On top of the great service they gave us gift cards, toys for the kids, a basket full of goodies, and a carwash ticket!!!! What else can I ask for, professional people, super kind and gifts! Totally recommend this clinic.
    Gloria L.
    Stanton, CA
    I took my 2 year old for her first dental visit. This place is nice and clean. Doctor and staff were great. Playground was nice too. And my little girl got a nice gift.
    Katerina B.
    South Gate, CA
    I worked in the medical field, therefore I am picky when it comes to my kids. The staff is friendly. The doctor and his assistant were explaining to my 5 year old step by step on what they were doing during treatment.They made my daughter feel comfortable and put her favorite tv show (pj mask). Highly recommend this place.
    A year ago
    Katie Deleon

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