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Welcome to Little Kids Dentistry – a one-stop pediatric dental clinic for all your child's needs.
Our office serves infants, toddlers, and teens with the utmost compassion and understanding of individual concerns.
Our doctors are very gentle and patient and have years of experience and expertise in treating children of all ages.
In addition to providing excellent patient care, we create long-lasting personal relationships with families by educating both children and their parents about the benefits of oral health and the negative effects of oral neglect on a child’s overall health. We also discuss a child’s diet and eating habits to determine the best individual approach to their dental needs and establish the necessary long-lasting preventive behavior.


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Full Scope Pediatric Dentistry

Little Kids Dentistry is a full-scope pediatric dental clinic that provides comprehensive dental care to children of all ages.


NU-Smile Crown

In addition to conventional plastic or mental crowns covered by most dental insurances, we offer highly esthetic, extremely durable Nu-Smile crowns made of zirconia ceramic at Little Kids Dentistry. They give children healthy and natural smiles and are affordable.



At Little Kids Dentistry, digital radiography is the standard of care. Digital sensors that we use come in various sizes that easily fit in the mouth of a toddler, a teenager, or an adult. Taking digital X-Rays saves a lot of time and produces exceptional-quality pictures. This allows doctors to diagnose and treat tooth decay properly.

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Our Kids Dental Expert

Dr. Natalya Shagramanova

USC School of Dentistry 2005

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Benefits For Our Clients

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IV Sedation

IV sedation is frequently considered for uncooperative, combative, or very anxious young patients who need more help relaxing than nitrous (laughing gas) can provide. Contrary to popular belief, IV sedation does not mean your child will be “put out.” It is not general anesthesia. IV sedation is simple and safe for both children and adults.
It involves receiving sedative (relaxing) medications intravenously. The best part is when your child wakes up from light sleep; they have no memory of the treatment. This eliminates any negative dental experience for a child.


Nitrous Oxid Sedation

Nitrous Oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is commonly known as “laughing gas”. It’s used in combination with oxygen and is a very safe and effective way to help reduce a child’s pain and anxiety during dental treatment. It’s inhaled through a small mask that fits over your child’s nose and helps him or her to relax.

Your child is awake throughout the procedure and usually recovers very quickly after the dental treatment has been completed.


Nitrous Oxid Sedation

Events & Gifts

At Little Kids Dentistry, every parent is surprisingly overwhelmed at how much we give back to our community. Besides daily welcome gifts and raffle items that parents receive, each child in a family is awarded a big welcome toy at their initial visit and a $10 gift card to various stores in the area.


Free Transportation

If you cannot visit our office because you don’t have a car, no problem! Little Kids Dentistry provides free transportation to new and existing patients, to and from our office, during the week. We also offer necessary car seats and booster seats to accommodate all children in a family.


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What Makes Us Different


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Here’s what our patients have to say about us.

We took our kids for the first time a few days ago, we had a very nice experience, all the people were kind to us, friendly and The nurse made my girls felt super comfortable which I really appreciate, doctor was also very informative, my daughters didn't have cavities and they gave them a certificate which was so nice of them! On top of the great service they gave us gift cards, toys for the kids, a basket full of goodies, and a carwash ticket!!!! What else can I ask for, professional people, super kind and gifts! Totally recommend this clinic.
Gloria L.
Stanton, CA
I took my 2 year old for her first dental visit. This place is nice and clean. Doctor and staff were great. Playground was nice too. And my little girl got a nice gift.
Katerina B.
South Gate, CA
I worked in the medical field, therefore I am picky when it comes to my kids. The staff is friendly. The doctor and his assistant were explaining to my 5 year old step by step on what they were doing during treatment.They made my daughter feel comfortable and put her favorite tv show (pj mask). Highly recommend this place.
A year ago
Katie Deleon

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