10 questions about tooth pain. Great interview with Dr. Gunnroop Sandhu

tooth pain

Both your child and you experience distress when your youngster is experiencing tooth pain. After all, witnessing your child’s suffering is among the most challenging aspects of being a parent. You want to relieve the suffering yet feel powerless to do so. Dr. Gunnroop Sandhu, a pediatric dentist in Little Kids Dentistry, fully understands this case, which is why the doctor is giving some solutions for various toothaches. Read our interview with her for all the information she shared.

First of all, Dr. Gunnroop Sandhu, we would like to know about the culprits that cause tooth pain in kids.

Every child once in their youth has this strange sensation, and we should be aware of the causes of tooth pain and how to avoid it. Children’s teeth ache can be caused by foods that are too hard, too sweet, or too acidic. Children with sensitive teeth or those who have underlying dental issues are more likely to experience this. It also can be caused by a diet consisting of low ph foods such as juices, sodas, sports drinks, etc.

How is tooth pain caused?

Gum disease and tooth decay are the two most typical causes of dental discomfort. An infection of the gums or a tooth can cause pain. Pain also might be caused by a tooth that is trying to erupt but is being blocked by the gum.
We should not forget what our children eat; the sugars that can cause tooth pain in our diet are food for the sugar bugs in our mouth, which release substances and cause the tooth structure to break down. As time progresses, the decay goes into the pulp(living part of the tooth)/nerve, which causes pain.

What should we look for if our child has tooth pain?

The first thing to do if your child is experiencing tooth pain is to determine whether or not a dental emergency exists. Older children can usually tell you which tooth hurts, how long it has hurt, and whether the pain is constant throbbing or comes and goes. Infants and young children may not be able to express all of this yet, but they may be able to show you where they are generally hurting. There you may find any visible decay, brown spots, and swelling in the area. If so, call your pediatric dentist because they know how to help.

Do children have common causes of tooth pain?

Although not every case of tooth discomfort will fit into one of the following categories, these are the ones our Little Kids Dentistry children’s dentist sees most frequently:
· Poor diet
· Harmful teething habits and bad occlusion
· Tooth Decay
· Loose or Broken Fillings or Dental Crowns
· Trauma

Any suggestions on the best home treatments for children’s tooth pain?

· Ask about their suffering
You can ask your child where they feel the discomfort, specifically if they are old enough. You can look to see if there is any swelling or redness there. Additionally, look for tooth damage or discoloration indications. If you discover a loose tooth, it is what is wrong.

· Use Warm Water to Wash
You can fill a glass with salt and warm water and get them to gargle for about 30 seconds with this mixture before spitting it out. This will aid in eliminating any bacteria already present and hasten the healing process.
· Applying a cold compress will reduce pain
· Contact a dentist
Call your dentist and have it checked out if the issue looks severe or if you see any cavities.

Will sucking the thumb can hurt and cause tooth pain?

Yes. Thumb or pacifier sucking is a widespread cause of tooth pain. It applies pressure on the front teeth and can eventually cause movement and malocclusion.

Can a cold or too-hot drinks cause tooth pain?

A tooth’s complex structure is made up of many tiny pores (called tubules) and nerves. So it should be no surprise if your child occasionally experiences dental sensitivity to cold/hot. Extreme temperatures with food and drinks are transmitted to the pulp and picked up as shockers for tooth pain from the open nerve endings, making it uncomfortable.

How can we alleviate teething pain?

By regular dental checkups, with good oral hygiene and soft foods\drinks, we can alleviate our little one’s tooth pain.

Why can children’s teeth hurt while eating?

Eating the proper meals is a part of pediatric dental care. Children’s teeth ache can be caused by meals that are too hard, too sweet, or too acidic. Children with sensitive teeth or underlying dental issues are more likely to experience this.

And we want to ask you the most popular question: Do cavities cause tooth pain?

Yes. Youngsters may experience increased sensitivity in their teeth due to a cavity eating away at the enamel, especially while cleaning their teeth or consuming hot or cold liquids. When tooth structure is compromised, it causes the open nerve ending in our teeth to transmit pain to the nerve bundles and blood vessels in our tooth, hence pain.

Dr. Gunnroop Sandhu, we are grateful for your essential advice and the full information, which will undoubtedly guide many parents on how to reduce their children’s teeth discomfort. Today, we already know what might cause toothaches and what to do if.


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