Pediatric Dental Fillings

Pediatric Dental Fillings

If a kid has a cavity in a baby tooth, it means that oral bacteria cause decay. To stop the process of decay, the dentist removes the infected area and the hole will then be sealed with filling material. Several different types of fillings can be used by a dentist. Usually, the doctor uses Amalgam or Composite Fillings.

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    Amalgam Fillings

    When a tooth is affected by dental decay, the removal of that decay followed by tooth restoration to its original form and function is very important and must be performed as soon as possible.

    Amalgam (silver) filling is one form of restoration. The procedure includes the removal of decayed portion of the tooth and filling the empty space with an amalgam paste that is carved into the tooth structure replacing the original tooth surface(s).


    - Durable Material. Dental amalgams are made with robust components which makes these fillings very durable.
    - Protects from future cavities. The edges of the tooth next to the filling become more resistant to future cavities.
    - Chew as much as you want. Due to the durable nature of amalgam fillings, kids can easily chew on most foods without the worry of breaking the filling.
    - Lasts long. A typical amalgam filling can last for ten or twelve years before it needs replacement.

    Composite Fillings

    When a tooth decay is not very extensive (usually limited to the chewing surface and is shallow), often times a composite filling might be placed to restore a tooth to its original form and function.

    A composite fill is a resin restoration that comes in various shades of white to mimic the original tooth color. This type of restoration is very hygiene sensitive and if not cared for properly, might leak and stain overtime.


    - The ability to match the resin to the color of the tooth, making them less noticeable.
    - Less drilling is required, which is great for kids who are fearful of the drilling noise.
    - Direct bonding to your child’s tooth means increased strength.


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    We took our kids for the first time a few days ago, we had a very nice experience, all the people were kind to us, friendly and The nurse made my girls felt super comfortable which I really appreciate, doctor was also very informative, my daughters didn't have cavities and they gave them a certificate which was so nice of them! On top of the great service they gave us gift cards, toys for the kids, a basket full of goodies, and a carwash ticket!!!! What else can I ask for, professional people, super kind and gifts! Totally recommend this clinic.
    Gloria L.
    Stanton, CA
    I took my 2 year old for her first dental visit. This place is nice and clean. Doctor and staff were great. Playground was nice too. And my little girl got a nice gift.
    Katerina B.
    South Gate, CA
    I worked in the medical field, therefore I am picky when it comes to my kids. The staff is friendly. The doctor and his assistant were explaining to my 5 year old step by step on what they were doing during treatment.They made my daughter feel comfortable and put her favorite tv show (pj mask). Highly recommend this place.
    A year ago
    Katie Deleon

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