Why is it important for children to brush their teeth before sleep?

As parents, one of the biggest concerns is ensuring your child’s health and wellness, including dental health. Giving your child the most effective oral care and technique can help protect their teeth for longer and help them avoid myriad oral problems.
Our goal at Little Kids Dentistry is to help you educate your child on the proper dental health and wellness regime to ensure they can take better care of their teeth. We will be more than happy to help you with our solutions.

Why is it important for children to brush their teeth before sleep?
Raising kids is a responsible task; you need to pay close attention to what they consume, how they learn, and how they act. Because you have a lot to do during the day, you may forget about your child’s oral hygiene before bed. Children also tend to get distracted and easily forget to brush their teeth or refuse to brush them if an adult does not supervise them. For this reason, you are responsible as a parent to ensure your child brushes their teeth after dinner before they go to bed.
Here are some reasons why you should ensure that your child never stops brushing their teeth before bed.

To remove accumulated food particles
If your child did spend a day in an institution, they might not have cleaned themselves because they left home. As a result, food particles and pieces of food can get stuck between the teeth and gums. Teeth brushing before bed eliminates these food particles and also prevents their buildup. Failure to do so may result in dental problems such as swelling and microbial infections.

To avoid the accumulation of plaque
When your child doesn’t have time to brush their teeth before bed, the sugars and bacteria in the mouth break down, forming plaque (the thin film that covers teeth). When plaque hardens, it forms tartar, which is harder to clean. Our specialists can remove it by deep cleaning procedures with unique brushes, but you can avoid it if you help your kids develop good habits.

To compensate for low saliva production in the mouth
Saliva has household or commercial antibacterial properties that help protect your teeth from microbial infections. However, saliva production is significantly reduced when the body is at rest (in the evening), indicating poor protection against dental bacterial infections. Brushing your teeth before bed helps remove most microorganisms, thereby compensating for low saliva secretion.


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